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Black History Month

February is Black History Month in Canada, a time set aside to acknowledge and honour the legacy of Black Canadians, past and present.

During Black History Month (February 1—March 1, 2021), HWCDSB students join Canadians across the country in celebrating the many achievements and contributions of Black Canadians who, throughout history, have done so much to make Canada the culturally diverse, compassionate and prosperous nation it is today. This year’s celebration is part of the United Nations’ International Decade for People of African Descent, 2015-2024, which recognizes that people of African descent represent a distinct group whose human rights must be promoted and protected.

Black History Month is an opportunity for schools to raise awareness about diversity issues. The focus of this year’s Black History Month celebration is “Allyship.” Being an ally involves supportive association with another person or group or taking on the struggle of another as your own. When Jesus touched people with leprosy, stood up for the woman who was about to be stoned, ate dinner with those like Zacchaeus who were excluded from the community, or publicly absolved people from their sins, he was being an ally.

To mark Black History Month in the HWCDSB, a number of online activities geared to students of different ages/grades have been planned:
- A live read-aloud with Bonnie Farmer, a Black Canadian author and Kindergarten teacher;
- A live dance event featuring Josh Taylor, a former Cathedral student and owner, director, instructor and choreographer at DMD, including a history of dance lesson and a live dance component;
- A Poetry Slam & Writing Workshop featuring local Poet Nadine Williams; and,
- A Black History & Allyship Poster Contest open to students in all grades.

Black History Month activities

Click here to view the LMS page for more details.

February 1, 2021
Kick-off Event: Black History & Allyship Poster Contest
Target audience:
Primary—Senior (Grades K-12)
This contest is open to all HWCDSB students and will be judged by local artist and celebrity Roger Ferreira. Ferreira will provide mini lessons to assist students with the artistic process. Click here for more information on Roger Ferreira. Prizes will be awarded to winning submissions. The contest closes on February 22, 2021.

February 5, 2021 @1:45-3:30pm
Poetry Slam & Writing Workshop
Target audience:
Intermediate—Senior (Grades 7-12)
This event will feature local poet Nadine Williams. Click here for more information on Nadine Williams.

February 12, 2021 @1:00pm
Live Dance Event with Josh Taylor
Target audience:
Junior—Intermediate (Grades 4-8)
A live dance event featuring Josh Taylor, former Cathedral student and owner/director/instructor/choreographer at DMD. The event will include a history of dance lesson and a live dance component. Click here for a biography on Josh Taylor and his dance company.

February 25, 2021 * Time change: 12:00pm *
Showcase Event
Target audience:
Primary—Senior (Grades K-12)
This event will focus on Black history and the theme of allyship. Submissions for this showcase will be pre-recorded and presented virtually. Students are invited to submit a photo of what allyship means to them to be featured in the showcase. Please send submissions to, or before February 12th to be included.

February 26, 2021 @ 1:00pm
A live read aloud with Bonnie Farmer
Target audience:
Primary (Grades K-3)
An interactive event via Microsoft Teams. Black Canadian author and Kindergarten teacher, Bonnie Farmer will do a live read aloud of her book, “Oscar Lives Next Door: A Story Inspired by Oscar Peterson’s Childhood.” Click here for a synopsis of the book.

Black History Month