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Principal's Message

Principal's Welcome Message

A special thank you to the first Principals of Pope John Paul II Catholic Elementary School, Mrs. M. Malloni (2003-2006) and Mrs. J. Rocchi (2006-2008), for their leadership in serving as Salt and Light for this school community. Recently, Mr. J. Coons (2008 - 2014) was Principal of Blessed John Paul II and now St. John Paul II. Our motto of being called to be "Salt of the Earth and Light of the World" remains the same.

Pope John Paul II School opened its doors on September 2, 2003 with the official blessing taking place in February, 2004. As of September 2014, we have approximately 400 students. Staff and our parent community are the foundation of ensuring we live out our Faith at school and in our world. The school was renamed to reflect his new Beatification title, Blessed John Paul II, on May 1, 2011. An altar was designed by students, constructed by St. Jean de Brebeuf Catholic Secondary School students, and blessed by Father Gatto, Pastor of St Catherine of Siena Church, on May 5, 2011 to mark the Beatification. A beautiful Mass and Open House celebrated St. John Paul II in May 2014.

As a school community we are very fortunate to be named after St. John Paul II who has won the hearts and minds of many young people around the world. He believed in their ability to change the world for the better and challenged them to a deep and profound love for Christ through his church. Our students, staff and parents are very committed to responding to his challenge and very proud of our new school with its red, gold and blue school colours.

Our sport teams are the "PATRIOTS" - loyal to our faith, school and country. As a school community, we eagerly embrace the opportunity and challenge to respond to Jesus' call to be the "Light of the World" and the "Salt of the Earth".

At St John Paul II School we model:

a Christ-centred curriculum based on gospel values
- a safe, orderly and inviting school environment
- a clear mission
- student involvement and responsibility
- strong instructional leadership
- high expectations for all students
- opportunities to learn
- focus on instruction and curriculum
- frequent monitoring of student progress
- student recognition
- a pro-active home-school-parish relationship

We look forward to working together towards these goals in partnership with a strong pastoral team, a dedicated staff and supportive parent community.

Kevin MacIsaac
St. John Paul II Catholic Elementary School
Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board