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Mission & Vision Statements


Our Mission
It is the mission of St. John Paul II School community, is to strive to live by an exemplary model of,
We are Salt of the Earth and We are light to the World. The Catholicity of our school is to be a Godcentred
community and reflect Catholic values, as seen through our words and actions. Together, we
foster academic excellence by providing opportunities for all individuals to meet their fullest
potential by building a supportive and nurturing environment.
Our commitment to the success of our Mission is dependent on the blending of the collaborative roles
within our school community. All community members are challenged to be model of, We are Salt of
the Earth and We are light to the World on an ongoing basis. Consequently, our mutual
responsibilities include, encouraging respectful communication among the school, parish and the
home through our own individual examples. We will be positive role models who exemplify the
teachings of Christ. We Create an environment that develops responsible and independent learners
who care about learning. We respect and celebrate the unique gifts of all members of the school


Our Vision
It is the vision of St.John Paul II School community, where working together with Jesus we succeed that
our school reflects We are Salt of the Earth and We are light to the World. This will be achieved by
the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. That the environment of St John Paul II
is positive in its thoughts, words, actions and values. It is a place that respects open communication
where respectful dialogue and relationships occur. It is a school that displays a love of learning and
an eagerness to always achieve our best.